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Maximize Your Potential

At Power of Potential Coaching, we understand that each individual has unique strengths and challenges. Our coaching programs are designed to help you recognize your innate abilities and work through any obstacles standing in the way of your success. Our coaches use evidence-based techniques to help you identify and achieve your goals, while also providing accountability and support throughout your journey. Our approach is centered on empowerment and self-discovery, ensuring that you will be able to continue your growth even after our coaching sessions have ended.


Power of Potential Coaching and Accountability

Unleash. Transform. Empower.

Power of Potential exists to assist first generation change makers as they gain confidence in who they are and develop the audacity to show up in the world authentically and unapologetically while using what they have to create a life that they wake up excited to live. As you become the best version of yourself, you show up whole, healed, healthy, and ready to take on the world.

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In this 15 minute 1 on 1 session we will spend some time seeing if we are aligned and with the time that we have together, we will work on a slight blueprint on how to move forward if we are a fit!


Dedicated to Your Success

Hey Y'all! My name is Stephanie Burke, M. Ed and I am the heart, the soul, the mastermind and Coach with the Most at Power of Potential Coaching and Accountability! As a First Generation College Graduate, I began working and climbing the the corporate ladder and although appearing successful I found myself feeling unfulfilled and feeling like I didn't belong. 

Understanding that I wasn't alone and wanting to combine my skills and educational background in Education and Counseling, Power of Potential was born. 

Clients of Power of Potential find themselves feeling like the accomplishments are not enough. They require more, but they aren't sure where to start. They need a reliable professional that walks them through the process with actionable items that can be implemented immediately. They are ready for change but don't know exactly how to implement it!

Since 2019 I've worked specifically under this brand to help First Geners all over the country find their voice and show up in the world with authority so that they can create a life that they'll love!

If you're ready to create your dream life, then let's work!


Session Offerings

Ways We Can W.I.N. Together

Will to W.I.N. 1 on 1 Coaching Package

Our Signature Package

Our one on one sessions take you step by step through the process of mindset, goal setting and execution based on a step by step process that covers a plethora of topics including:

  • Goal Setting and Personal Success Plan

  • Self-Awareness and Discovering Who You Really Are

  • Figuring Out Your True Purpose and How to Live in It

  • Decision Making That Takes Your Needs in Account

  • Balancing Being a Super

  • Creating Alignment in the Power Areas of Your Life

  • Clarity on What You Require to be Your Best All The Time

  • How to Push Past Your Limitations, Become Your Best Self and Create a Life You'll Love


Goal Setting for the W.I.N.

Creating Alignment and Crushing Goals

Many times we have a great idea and we jump! In this session, you learn how to create alignment in all areas of your life so that when you create your goal setting road map, you know exactly where to pull from to make sure that it aligns with all parts of your life and that it works in the grand scheme of things. We look for opportunities to create alignment in life where you currently are as well as looking for alignment in the goals that you want to accomplish in the next 3 months


I Want to W.I.N. Group Coaching

Grow Together, Intentionally

In group coaching, we follow the same model as one on one without the personalized touch. All sessions are offered live, in a group setting allowing you to ask questions when necessary and get a bit of personal guidance. Group sessions are where iron sharpens iron and you have the opportunity to fellowship with others who are on the same path.


I liked it, you're a fun/funny teacher/influencer, you’re not just trying to get this over with and leave, you actually give us the best advice and take the time out of your day to give us valuable information and lessons. You actually mean what you say, so for that thank you and I hope I will see you again!

Teen Group Coaching Course

Stephanie did a group coaching session for my attendees and it was well received. We had great feedback. The ladies were able to walk away with an action plan to get their lives together. I still get feedback from the session and detailed and informative it was. We would definitely love to have you back as a guest speaker. We highly recommend Stephanie's coaching services.

Corporate Client

Mrs. Burke is an awesome Coach. She gives of herself, and her main goal is to make sure you Unleash your Potential in Life. When I started her program,  I had some issues of uncertainty, and now I am a stronger person and have clarity of my purpose in life. I am thankful for God directing her in my life. If you want clarity in your life and a person who desire for you to Unleash your Potential, Mrs. Burke is your lady.

1 on 1 Client

Male Teacher with Students

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Interested? Let's Chat

Set Up a Quick Meeting

In this 15 minute 1 on 1 session we will spend some time seeing if we are aligned and with the time that we have together, we will work on a slight blueprint on how to move forward if we are a fit!

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