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You Got It All Wrong!

If you're anything like me then you like to see results! You may even be what some would call an overachiever! That means that you literally do the MOST all the time. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! The problem is that when we see a super busy high achieving person we also see someone who is flipping EXHAUSTED!

You go on every day and most days it actually isn't that bad, but you just find yourself tired, and not "I need a nap tired", but I need peace and quiet tired and that isn't always easy to obtain!

If you've found yourself feeling this way then 9 times out of 10, you need to create some alignment in your life!

When you are in alignment, then all areas of your life work together instead of working against each other. They complement and aid each other in their existence and honestly, it's slightly easier than you think it is to create this alignment.

So to start, I like to focus on 3 main areas of your life to create this alignment. Those areas are Personal, Relationships and Career.

I'll break them down:

  • Personal would be anything that directly influences or impacts your personal well being. That includes self-care, finances, personal development, spirituality, health and wellness and self esteem just to name a few. Personal always comes first because if you aren't happy with yourself, it's hard to be happy with other aspects of life.

  • Relationships can be family, friends, romantic or any relationships that have a significant impact on your life. We can't make major life plans without taking the people who matter most into consideration and looking at how our decisions impact them (don't let this be a pigeon hold though)

  • Career includes anything work or school related. Whether you run a business or work for a major corporation, you have to take your personal and relationship needs into consideration as you make big shifts in this space. If you decide to get certifications, take a course, apply for a new position or quit all together, it falls in this category.

Now if you want to live an optimal life, these 3 areas have to be in agreeance with each other. When you are creating goals or committing to certain ways of being, you have to take these areas into consideration and you should have a plan that supports all of these areas simultaneously.

A quick example would be if my job is offering overtime. Let's say I usually make $20 an hour but the overtime rate is $30 an hour and my employer tells me that I can do as much overtime as I'd like. Now, I can't speak for anyone else, but I would immediately start adding it up and it sounds good. However, before I make a commitment, I want to consider the key areas for alignment and it would probably look at it like this:

  • Personal: How much overtime can I work without feeling burnt out and overwhelmed? When I'm overwhelmed I am not a nice person and that isn't good for anyone but I can use the extra money to pay off debt or build a Christmas fund

  • Relationships: Do I have someone to pick up my children while I work overtime? How will the family eat dinner on those days. Let me make sure that I'm not overwhelming my husband with responsibility

  • Career: Besides financial gain, what can I get from working overtime, Maybe I can close out a big account that would boost my rating or commission. Is this job a good place for me to be for an extra 10-20 hours a week?

Now while these don't cover the whole gambit of possibilities, it does allow us to get a sense of what creating alignment looks like in every day situations. While these examples may be unique to a certain person and don't apply for you, you would have your own set of things that you'd have to consider before making decisions that will impact multiple parts of your life.

A lack of alignment is how busy bossy get burnt out and how high achievers get overwhelmed and you are busy trying to create and run and empire, you need to be at your best at all times to do so efficiently!

Need more on alignment or how you can create some for yourself? Slide into my DM's and let's talk about it!

We can also schedule a Zoom!

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